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Treatments can be carried out at your home, in your office or at clinics

Each client is assessed for their problems to determine what type of treatment I would carry out.  All this is done taking into account any contraindication that might be showing to which, you would be advised to see your Doctor or a Physiotherapist. 

I would then discuss the treatment that I would carry out for the best results and a treatment programme would be drawn up. 

Techniques Used

  •         General Massage

  •          Friction

  •          Neuromuscular Technique

  •          Muscle Energy Technique

  •          Soft Tissue Release

  •          Connective Tissue Massage

 I would use a combination of the above in each treatment depending on each clients problem and at what stage they are in their treatment programme.

 After each treatment advice would be given on stretching/strengthening exercises, or anything else that would be beneficial to aid a quicker recovery.

 I have experience of both pre-event and post-event massage work including all recovery work to aid a player/athlete to return to training more quickly or to speed up their rehabilitation after an injury.  I have carried out pre-event, post-event work at Athletic meetings including The Blenheim Triathlon, as well as match days and weekly treatments at Worcester Warriors RFC for their 1st Team Squad.


I could cover a sporting event for you if required. Contact me.