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Corporate/On Site Sports & Remedial Massage 

Corporate Sports & Remedial Massage has become a very important and popular tool for occupational health departments to use for their employees.


I can treat employees at their desks, or use a quiet meeting room where the sports/remedial massage could be carried out. 

Treatments could be of any length, but 20 – 30 minutes is mostly required for each member of staff. 

Benefits of Onsite Massage 

  •          Increase morale and performance

  •          Rewards staff for their services      

  •          Renewed energy and vitality

  •          Stress reduction

  •        Mental Clarity  

  •        A preventative tool against ‘Computer Neck’ and other forms of muscular aches and pains of the modern work place.


So if you are a business wanting to improve and help your workforce, consider the above and contact me for a free consultation


A report by Backcore, the forum of Private Businesses and the TUC suggested that back pain is a problem for almost two thirds (63%) of small businesses.  They found that one in five people working in small firms had back strain.  The average small firm was said to be losing 22 days of work a year from back pain

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